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Indian Designer-Aashna-DYU-Profile

A deep lifelong admiration for the beauty of jewels led our founder “Aashna Dalmia” down the path of discovery and after studying the intricacies and history of design for two years, she began converting her passion into ideas. Finding the right name for the venture was challenging. However, after much deliberation “dyu”was chosen as the name that would encapsulate the brand’s value as its original Sanskrit translation signifies “illuminance” and “shine”. Using a Sanskrit name was of personal importance to her since being the root of most languages in India it signified a closeness to her homeland and therefore served as a vital inspiration for the brand name.

Aashna Dalmia after having received her graduate degree in Bsc (hons) in business management from IILM, New Delhi decided to follow her passion in the art of designing. She studied jewellery designing and jewellery manufacturing from Gautam Banerjee’s Academy of Jewellery Design, Mumbai.(2014-2016) She further did her graduate diamond course from GIA, New Delhi.(2014) Aashna also went for an exchange programme to attend a jewellery week at Le Arti Orafe Jewellery school, Florence. (2015) Further which in 2017 with support of her family she ventured into forming her own young designer brand by the name “Dyu”.

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