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Designer / Diya Mehta

Indian Fashion Designer - Diya Mehta
Diya Mehta

The Divya Mehta brand is all about "stylised comfort". The designs are produced in limited editions making the collection individualistic and one of a kind. The cuts are straight with minimal embellishments. Mulmul & Chanderi are the fabrics of choice for the designer, and a lot of her styles use these fabrics.

In the designer's words, "...Tie and Dye is what I love working with the most and Mulmul, works well in our climate so we have been doing a lot of work in Mul and Tie and Dye and will continue to experiment with these...The lightness of Mul is best suited to weather and The fall of the fabric works well for my Designs. This fabric is great for anytime of the year.....At first glance, the details I try and incorporate may go unnoticed, but take a closer look, and you will notice that hint of colour, that small stitch on the neck, or perhaps another layer of fabric peeping through. My sensibilities are best defined in the words of Bihu Mohapatra. I want my clothes to make women feel more of who they are instead of becoming someone else”

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