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Designer / Divya Reddy

Indian Designer Divya Reddy
Divya Reddy

Divya Reddy admits she was always intrigued with style. Growing up, she always used to dress her friends up, creating new and unique styles each time specifically for the particular person. Years later she has turned her hobby into a full time job that would see her bring a fresh take on fashion that is about fusing different materials and fabrics and using a wide range of colours and textures to create a label that is as natural and sophisticated as much as it is sensual.


The textures of the fabrics used in her designs are often what people recognise when talking about Divya Reddy’s collections. She has also been admired for her ability to constantly create new silhouettes and forms. Divya Reddy’s collections have been described as having a personality in them; they are described as being seductive with an amalgamation of both Western and Eastern elements that effectively give her collections the best of both worlds.


“I believe in creating my own style statements and what I love about designing is the balance of creativity, art and science in this field,” explains Divya. She believes that fashion is about more than blindly following current trends, and more about predicting and inventing future trends through the expression of oneself.

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