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Designer / Deepika Govind

Indian Fashion Designer Deepika Govind
Deepika Govind


Deepika Govind is a graduate from NIFT and has has practical experience in working with Kalamkari and Kasuti artists. The designer believes that restraint is her strength and this is reflected in her collections that feature clean lines and structures silhouettes. 

The designer is obsessed with attention to detail - right from the trimmings to the way buttons are attached to her garments, everything is important and crucial. Deepika is involved in the process of creating the garment from the start - design of course, but also in selecting the right materials.

The designer works with new fabrics each year. She blends the traditional with the modern to create unique stories, all working directly with the weavers and craftsmen. She has experiments with Khadi by blending it with a cellulose fibre to create a completely unique fabric that is eco-friendly and was used as an inspiration for her collection.


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