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Designer / Daniel Syiem

Indian Fashion Designer Daniel Syiem | Indian Designer Clothes
Daniel Syiem

Daniel Syiem is the Co-Founder, Creative Head and Lead Designer at Daniel Syiem’s Ethnic Fashion House.

Daniel Syiem knew that he wanted to work in the fashion industry from a young age and in 2000 when he won the North-East Best Designer Award he began to present numerous collections in fashion shows across India. Syiem's collections have a strong western sensibility which is apparent in his silhouettes and draping styles. This combined with his advocacy for the use of organic and ethical material from the North-East region of India gives him a unique edge and makes him a force to be reckoned with. 

Daniel Syiem champions the talents and stories of the indigenous tribes of his home state Meghalaya by primarily using a fabric called Ryndia to create his clothes.

Ryndia is produced in a district of Meghalaya called Ri-Bhoi where weavers extract silk from Eri Silkworms, which is then cooked and laid out on a hand loom. The natural properties of Ryndia enable it to be cool when worn in high temperatures and warm during use in low temperatures. The look and feel of the material has helped mould Daniel’s signature style which combines vibrant and earthy tones to create natural fabrics combined with an international design aesthetic.

Daniel’s debut showcase at Lakme Fashion Week in 2013 has since led to has since led to a number of international showcases including at Fashion International, London Fashion Week 2015, and Couture Fashion Week, New York 2014. In addition to this, Syiem has also accumulated a string of awards, which recognise his unique international style and focus on promoting organic and ethical materials from North-East India.

As well as the many fashion shows, Daniel Syiem’s Ethnic Fashion House was recently invited to showcase their clothes and in particular Ryndia and to tell the story of the weavers that create it at The Nehru Centre and High Commission of India, London and World Intellectual Properties Organisation, Geneva.

Daniel Syiem believes in enhancing every woman’s beauty through simple styling to convey her true essence.


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