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Designer / Corkiza


Corkiza is an eco-fashion brand that offers fashion accessories created using Cork skin fabric and other sustainable materials. The team at Corkiza believes that fashion should be ethical, imaginatove and should be stylish, while being devoid of brutality against animals.

Cork is the material selected bu the brand because it is an ideal material that is luxurious in myriad of ways. Cork forests around the world act as carbon sinks and play a vital role in combating global warming. Nature has a unique way of maintaining balance and it must be respected for a sustainable tomorrow. In pursuit of luxury we must ensure that our choices do not have a harmful impact on our environment. Corkiza redefines luxury and offers valuable alternatives to the massive consumption of fashion accessories. Blending ethics, art and creativity, Corkiza has been started by young entrepreneurs Saurabh and Aarti Kadyan in 2015. Corkiza accessories are not only for vegans, but for all those who believe in the goodness of Nature.

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