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Charchit Bafna
Charchit Bafna

When Charchit Bafna started his titular fashion label 3 years ago it was a childhood dream come true. His strong sense of aesthetic and design, combined with a passion for clothes meant that working in fashion seemed like the perfect fit.

A life of fashion was not necessarily what his parents wanted though, but after he finished school he remained set on his goal, and studied fashion in Banglore. He moved to Delhi where he interned with various designers and accumulated a great breadth and depth of experience. However Charchit wasn’t satisfied; he wanted to be in the driving seat and create his own aesthetics.

Using a suburb of Delhi as his base he set up a studio and workshop where he has a team of 10 – 12 people, including tailors and embroiderers.

Charchit says that his key source of inspiration is his surroundings and the wider world around him. He likes to travel and meet as many people as possible, because it is through having these experiences that a spark can ignite, which can ultimately lead to a new idea and direction.

The label prides itself on being gender neutral which enables greater aesthetic fluidity. The fairly gender neutral design of the clothes was apparent when Charchit became one of 7 designers to take part in the 2015 Gen Next programme at Lakme Fashion Week. It was a case of second time lucky when Charchit was accepted onto the prestigious program, giving him access to fashion aficionados and major media players when he showcased his Elakka Ice collection. The whole experience helped to boost Charchit’s visibility as his clothes were featured by major publications such as Vogue.

Since then, the Charchit Bfna label has frequently produced clothes for labels in the US and UK, due to India’s cheaper labour price tag and has begun honing and expanding his ethical clothes label, which is produced from completely organic material.                

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