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Indian Designer Pari Khandelwal and Kavita Verma for their brand The Blended Threads
The Blended Threads

The Blended Threads offers inspiring outfits, bold combinations and expressive accessories inspired by pop culture and the essence of youth. Influenced by a couturier's approach to creating one-of-a-kind master pieces, the design aesthetic is eternally evolving whilst constantly rooted in opulence and unapologetic glamour. The designers blend modern style trends with their own designs, creating original and versatile outfits. The mission is to reimagine the fashion business by creating India's most innovative and admired fashion company

At The Blended Threads, the designers believe that in conjunction with and in-spite of the huge foreign aesthetic stimulus, India will always define identity for itself so get ready to impress, shine and turn heads.

About the designers

Born in Jaipur, sister duo Pari Khandelwal and Kavita Verma, from a very early age had great clarity about wanting to create a fashion house. Having spent their summer holidays growing up years in Jaipur, couture influence is apparent from their first collection. While reflecting the beauty and rich heritage of India, The Blended Threads will bring a whole new modern aesthetic. Revivalist of Indian crafts, with their unique insights, astute eye and special understanding of women creates some of finest couture line-up that is closest to their heart. Their deepest fear is losing out on the treasure house of crafts and culture from India.

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