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Designer / Bhartendu Saini

strand of silk - clothing from india - bhartendu saini
Bhartendu Saini

Bhartendu Saini is a fashion designer with a degree in Fashion Designing and Management. He also hold a Diploma in Fashion Design from JDIFT, Houzkhass New Delhi, Bhartendu Saini is based in the heritage city Hanumangarh (Rajasthan). Bhartendu Saini started his fashion label in 2004, which today is one of the leading couture house of Rajasthan.

Bhartendu Saini is a simple and approachable person who has a great connection with nature that gives him strength. He always loves to get inspiration from different cultures when he's travelling. He is inspired by old Indian crafts and gives them a new dimension by translating them in the from of modern surface ornaments.

Bhartendu Saini specializes in Phulkari, Embroidery and Bandhez, Indian and Western wear with a pert line.
Each piece from his collection has to be unique and he always tried to bring for them the Dying Phulkari Embroidery of Punjab and Sitra work, Bandhez and Miror work of Rajasthan.

The collection consists of uniquely designed sarees and lehengas in wide variety of fabrics and light colours. His lehengas can also be worm for formal evening gatherings or afternoon lunch parties. He also has a range of designer shirts, bridal skirts giving people the Western look.

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