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Designer / Belsis Jewelry

Designers Riddhi and Belinda for their Indian Jewellery brand Belsi’s Jewelry
Belsis Jewelry

Think of the woman whose jewelry outshines her smile, leaving her breathlessly meditating over its elaborate patterns. The sight of her so well put together makes her own heart go glug. But here’s the thing, shines doesn’t come from the ornate details on her face, hands or feet, but from the radiance of the self assured smile of celebrating her beauty from within.

Whether she’s working the office with a bib necklace draped on her blouse or breaking the artisan bread with bold gold cuffs on her wrists, the expression of on lookers reflect the treasure of a woman’s vanity. Whether her face is cradled by turquoise droplet earrings, or she’s on the street side café sipping coffee while decked in scarfs and sandals, a woman is world of inspiration and empowerment.

And that’s what Riddhi and Belinda two sisters and founders of Belsi’s hope to bring to life when they seek their inspiration from India to design modern jewelry for the timeless woman. Its Belsi’s dream to allow women around the globe to embrace their feminity with boldness.

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