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Designer / Barely Pinck Sneh

Barely Pinck by Sneh Nandu
Barely Pinck by Sneh

Barely Pinck by Sneh is an Indo-western clothing brand launched in 2014. The brand is the brainchild of Sneh Nandu, a passout from NIFT Mumbai. Barely Pinck by Sneh is all about finding your dresses come true ! Its about rediscovering yourself !

In the designer's own words, "....The name Barely Pinck coz I wish to create a new Pink A Pinck to suit every girl every woman  A Pinck for her to leave that lasting impression A Pinck to complete her and her fantasies A Pinck. My brand depicts everything vintage with a hint of pinck. I am a dreamer , dreamer of old times From Postcards from those forgotten trips to foreign lands to, Polaroids from the fun days with my best girls to, Sparkling stones from my glistening Trousseau to, Final vows with the Man of my Dreams .Barely Pinck by Sneh believes that fashion should be within the reach of everyone. We create silhouettes for modern Indian women....."

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