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Designer / Ash Haute Couture

Indian Designer Ashna Kalra for her brand Ash Haute Couture
Ash Haute Couture

Ashna Kalra founded Ash Haute Couture in Mumbai, India in October 2012. Entwined with her sense of luxury, her imperial designs are developed with a modern aesthetic. She channels her artistic appreciation and creativity into all of her collections, finding inspiration throughout her life and the world at large.

WGSN, BET channel, Fashion TV, Cosmopolitan, L.A Fashion Magazine and Runway magazine are a few names amongst others who have done exclusive features on the brand in the first few months of the label's launch. It also stole hearts of many and gained unparallel appreciation at the Noche de Estrellas fashion show at the Latin Grammys 2012 in Vegas, where it was highlighted as the designer to show by Cosmopolitan US.

Ash Haute Couturere presents a confident woman with exceptional taste - one who demands a versatile wardrobe in which she feels polished and flawless without forsaking her sensuality and femininity. The clothes allow women to comfortably exude their strength and beauty, while projecting innate elegance. The brand evokes an ethereal quality that poetically combines the Indian classic heritage with the modern fashion needs of today’s woman - it is where fashion becomes art. The collections feature meticulously constructed designs ranging from understated chic to the ornate. It is distinctly modern but marked by rich color, lush fabrics, custom-made prints and flawless construction. Each piece is inimitably crafted to perfection.

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