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Designer / Anuradha Vakil

Indian Designer Anuradha Vakil
Anuradha Vakil

Anuradha Vakil has been described as one of India’s most unlikely designers, with a Masters’ in Business Administration and a background in a corporate house. She decided that it was time to change directions when she noticed the slow extinction of traditional Indian textile crafts that was taking place and chose to devote her work to trying to revive it.

Anuradha Vakil’s fashion sense is something that came to her as a result of her exposure to different kinds of arts. She has training in classical music and dance. She also grew up in an environment where handcrafts are deeply rooted into the society’s traditions and this is where the foundations of her love for traditional crafts were first laid. She describes herself as, “more of a revivalist of Indian crafts than a fashion designer”

Her styles are about individuality and sophistication. The silhouettes of her styles differ from traditional Indian styles and lean more to western styles and fusion styles that incorporate the best of both worlds. With this in mind, she still maintains her core beliefs about always incorporating traditional Indian crafts, recognising that her designs are made for a specific niche so in essence you love it or hate it.


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