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Designer / Anuj Sharma

Indian Designer Anuj Sharma
Anuj Sharma

Anuj Sharma studied Apparel Design at the National Institute of Design in India and continued to study for a Masters in High Performance sportswear design at the University of Derby, UK. He now works from his studio in Ahmedabad in India.

His label Button Masala is all about exploring how it has become unfashionable to follow fashion, in the sense that consumers are increasingly failing to be able to identify with designers’ ideas. The brand tries to focus on functionality as much as it does fashion. Button Masala is made using rubber bands and buttons and allows wearers to use the same product multiple times; in essence you can change styles using no machines or tools and yet the looks are extremely cheap.

Anuj Sharma’s Button Masala collections have been a hit across India, making appearances at huge fashion shows across India including Lakme Fashion Week. The designer has even had his own section at a Ted Talk feature in India.

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