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Designer / Amortela

Indian Designer Tija Indarjith for Amortela


Amortela’s private label looks to impact change beyond our garments and value provenance. We believe our customers should have access to total transparency from crop to clothes. We know that there’s no better reflection of our true selves than the way we interact with our environment, which is why we insist on at least 90% of our fabrics being made from non-genetically modified crops while using lean manufacturing methods to reduce wastage of water, and energy.

We take pride in the fact that all our garments are locally sourced and handcrafted with care in India, in-turn fostering economic growth to cluster groups that aid the process. We urge customers to be a part of our slow fashion revolution while hoping to redefine your wardrobe staples with lasting products made from quality materials and craftsmanship that’ll go beyond seasons.



At Amortela, we encourage our customers to look beyond the label, we value provenance in everything we do – total disclosure of who/how/where and when the product is made.



At Amortela, we foster an environment where ambitious, passionate and meticulous people come together to create a socially relevant brand in an extremely collaborative setting. We welcome all ideas however big or small and creativity is the ethos behind everything we do. We want our office and stores to be places where our employees can engage with one another both professionally and socially. They say all work and no play makes jack a dull boy, which is why we cultivate an environment with a strong work-life balance. At Amortela we want your Monday mornings to feel like Friday evenings, and we know that there’s almost no problem that can’t be fixed with a cupcake.

Tija Indarjith, Co-Founder/Chief Design Officer Tija heads the Design function of the group and is adept at handling domestic and international business connects and running distribution and logistics across India and abroad. Alongside Indarjith, Tija manages merchandising and distributions aspects of the business.

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