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Indian Designer Kanchan Sharma for her brand AHMEV

Ahmev, a luxury fashion label started in May 2019. Ahmev believes in sustainable friendly apparel. The company started with a vision to give fashion all together a new look and meaning to the world. The brand believes in transparency, loyalty and purity. Ahmev is a Sanskrit word meaning “Believing You are Everything”. Ahmev believes in sustainable friendly apparel and has been started with a vision to build a brand offering understated tailoring and timeless staples.

The first collection under name "SAFED". This collection is contemporary with minimal embroidery and hand detailing to get attached with the brand's roots. The designs are very soft and soothing, primarily for the women of all age group (18+).

About the designer

With more that 7+ years of experience in creative designing, Kanchan Sharma has established her forte in designing clothes that are remarkably creative and innovative. With her expertise in concept and design development and collection creation, she is able to elevate clients' visions in the most seamless way possible. Kanchan is also a professional fashion stylist and adept in video/photo shoot production. She is an artist by nature and has showcased her amazing work at numerous galleries and studios.

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