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Indian Designer label for Men Adorn His By Tushi Gupta and Vaibhav Sehgal
Adorn His By Tushi Gupta and Vaibhav Sehgal


ADORN HIS as a brand that has grown organically through means of experimentation and endeavours to change the approach to dressing for the aspiring Indian Man. During the first year of operation of its flagship store, ADORN HIS has a well balanced collection for every man, with its versatile range of daily wear, special occasions & parties to weddings. The collection includes Kurta, Sherwani, Cocktail Jackets, Bandhgala, Jodhpuri, Nehru Jackets, options of lowers with Patiala Pyjamas, Churidars, Dhoti Pyjamas, Straight Pants, etc along with accessories such as Ties, Stolles, Buttons, Lapel Pins, and more.

Their Signature Style features: Asymmetric Cuts complimented with effective use of colours on comfortable, yet high quality fabrics. Well structured Jackets for a formal look comprising of fun accents in order to enhance wearability. Each of their pieces have at least ‘one unique design feature’ with regards to detailing that makes it characteristically ADORN HIS. ADORN HIS encourages the use of vibrant colours as an accent by quoting – “a statement is made not by standing out in a crowd, but by being remembered!


The B.R.A.N.D

ADORN HIS, an EKAA Designs Enterprise, co-owned by Tushi Gupta and Vaibhav Sehgal is a men’s apparel brand specialising in contemporary Indian Ethnic wear with an edgy and chic definition, for the quintessential Men of the today. ADORN HIS, established in October ‘2015, as a household brand from Gurgaon, sprouting from the passion of the co-owners, took a leap in September ‘2016 by opening its First Flagship store in Shahpur Jat on Dada Jungi Lane, one of the most sorted Fashion markets in Delhi, India.

Since 2016, the brand has gone through an entire renaissance in transforming its business from a household store to its outlook as a fashion street brand that translates into their quality of work and vision. The genre of menswear is standard and limited across the globe and we, at ADORN HIS bring about that change suiting your persona and preference of style.

The D.E.S.I.G.N.E.R

It is almost a tale of accidental designers, bound in love and friendship who found their independent passions integrating into the birth of their love child – ADORN HIS. Two individuals, better defined as best friends had their own unique take on men’s fashion with a common goal to improve the state of affairs in multiple dimensions in the field of what was available to the ‘Indian Man’ when it came to dressing well. Humble and honest about the fact that they do not hail from any design institute, having no academic qualification in Designing, nor are affiliated to the fashion fraternity, both Tushi and Vaibhav give utmost credit to their burning passion for fashion. What makes this professional amalgamation more interesting is their individualistic vision of the Indian Man and their independent sense of style that they so effortlessly blend into a perfect tangible statement. Their marriage indeed is a perfect ‘cut & fit’.

Tushi Gupta: born and raised in the Delhi NCR, is a passionate go getter, who grew up in the loving company of men in her family, who have inspired her sense of style. Being a girl, she always had an inclination towards style and fashion, but it turned into a passion when she would often be faced with the challenge to find something elegant and suitable for her brother or father to wear. Gradually, she started designing and creating apparels for her family and friends, thereby, turning her passion into profession. An Economist and MBA by Degree from prestigious British Universities, she is a self taught and experimental girl making ripples in the fashion pool for men’s wear in India with her keen sense of style, attention to details, unique experimental cuts and bold colours.

Vaibhav Sehgal: A quintessential Delhi Boy, he does not shy away from being experimental with his clothing. An MBA from amongst the most prestigious schools in India, Vaibhav understands the basics of what a man craves with regards to dressing. He voluntarily gave into Tushi, experimenting her new cuts, colours and designs on him, which he not only carried with style, but gave Tushi vital and essential constructive suggestions to improve the overall wearability of the apparel. Like a prewritten story, the relationship matured into marriage and soon after their nuptials into a professional partnership of the company. To celebrate the first anniversary of their store, and to give his 100% to his passion, Vaibhav quit his engagement with an educational organisation. He sees the Indian Man as an extension of his personality and helps bring in that personal feel and passion into this business. The balance of Tushi’s vision, unique creativity, matured sense of style and a global outlook blended well with Vaibhav’s passion, individual approach, entrepreneurship and child like love for something new almost completes the entire spectrum of qualities needed for a great apparel brand.

The S.T.O.R.Y

“fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life” – quoting this from Bill Cunningham, Vaibhav and Tushi further expand this philosophy by designing contemporary Indian Wear with utmost focus on ease and comfort so as to make it essential part of every man’s daily wardrobe. ADORN HIS stresses on the idea of three essential C’s Comfort – Cloth – Cut Every man; irrespective of origin or ethnicity, gives prime importance to clothing, which further translates into the material used, and the structure or cut of the garment.

ADORN HIS’s prime attention is always to keep these 3 C’s in mind whilst creating any garment. Vaibhav himself runs the experiments on himself to certify the 3 C’s are met to satisfaction before it gets on to the rack. Tushi goes ahead to describe her collection as ‘affordable luxury’. Here the word luxury translates into comfort without compromising on the design element of the garment. The key being the high quality of fabrics used keeping breathability and durability in mind. ‘Affordable’ translates into a competitive price range keeping in mind the design element. The aim is to encourage and stimulate the buyers to experiment and evolve without the fear of risk.

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