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Designer / Absolute Pashmina

Indian Accessories Brand - Absolute Pashmina
Absolute Pashmina

Absolute Pashmina is a high end luxury lifestyle Indian brand which manufactures superior quality Pashmina (100% cashmere) and showcases a premium product line that embodies the rich equestrian lifestyle blended with Indian culture. Hand spun hand woven hand crafted Swarovski embellished horse design.

Polo - the sport of kings and Pashmina - the fabric of kings have been stylishly bought together. The unisex luxury wear that always reflected a refined style now lay amalgamated with the horse and the outcome was exquisite Absolute Pashminas’ - Ashwa - Sanskrit for horse was born. It celebrates the horse and pays tribute to his existence.

The collections selected from the finest 100% pure cashmere wool - Pashmina - wears the horse with subtlety and elegance. Both born to nature , convey warmth and contentment. The product is a treasure of art and artisanship. While feminine motifs flow through some Pashmina's, others carry masculinity and equine accoutrements. Adorn & cherish an Absolute Pashmina, chances are you would have never felt something better.

The global vision of the brand is to communicate the plush Indian Heritage to an esteemed clientele/niche world over. The mission manifests a devotion to provide superlative quality fabric and an unprecedented/peerless customer experience.

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