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Designer / Abhipri

Indian Designers Abhinav and Priyanka for their brand Abhipri

Brand History

Established in 2013, Abhipri is a well-renowned menswear brand that creates authentic Jodhpuri garments while adhering to luxury standards. The extravagant fashion house, based in Jodhpur; is a novel initiative brought to life by Abhinav and Priyanka. The brand was formed with an endeavor to reach out globally so that people can experience the classic Indian style.

Merging modern silhouettes with traditional craftsmanship, Abhipri personifies Jodhpur's colonial era. The brand offers traditional wear that bears the original Jodhpuri signature and enfolds contemporary western cuts. Abhipri has mastered the art of unifying the traditional attire with the modern western styles. Every stitch sutured at the design house displays perfection.

About the Designers

The brains and designer behind the brand are Abhinav and Priyanka, who have been married since 2010. Abhinav has done his post graduation in agriculture business and Priyanka did her bachelors in design. While Abhinav handles the managerial part of the business, Priyanka solely focuses on design. Her innate passion and talent for design, it has given her an exceptional insight into the techniques applied in the creation and manufacturing of signature Jodhpur garments.

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