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Indian Brand - Aarbe

A brain-child of Indian designer Ridhima Bagla, Aarbe is the result of an Engineering mind with a heart passionate about bags and designing.  Aarbe takes the concept of designer clutches and bags to the next level by beautifully marrying style and technology to create convenience. Adding that extra zing of “wow factor” in flaunting not just another clutch but an Aarbe is the fact that it lights up inside! All Aarbe clutches come with an in-built sensor which smartly figures out the amount of light one requires inside the clutch.

Once Ridhima Bagla had decided to foray into designer handbags she knew that she wanted to create something unique and unconventional. It was when she was out one night with friends and she was left scrambling for her keys in the dark as her friend's tried to use their phones as torches so she could see, that the idea of incorporating LED lighting systems into the bags came to her. She knew there had to be a simpler way of using handbags in the dark, and she was right. Creating the lighting system so that it fitted inside a handbag and came on automatically in response to the amount of background right was no easily feat though. Researching and developing the concept took well over a year.

Marvelously amalgamating the modern Indian styles, fabrics, artwork and designs, Aarbe is a perfect blend of ethnicity and modern sensibilities to compliment the woman of today. It is smart, trendy, convenient and chic. Each piece is hand crafted and produced paying attention to the minutest detail in aesthetics and functionality. It is a fine ensemble of elements from fashion and technology to create a product that solves a basic problem faced by women in every day routine.

With a patent pending on the lighting mechanism of Aarbe clutches, Ridhima has shown the world of fashion an entirely new dimension. When the lines between fashion and technology get blurred, the result is Aarbe!

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