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Wendell Rodricks Protests Illegal Mining

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Indian Fashion Designer Wendell Rodricks closes Goa Store - Illegal Mining
Wendell Rodricks Protests Illegal Mining
15 th Sep 2012

Ace Indian Designer Wendell Rodricks has closed his boutique in a five-star resort which was run in collaboration with a company that has been hauled up for illegal mining by the M.B. Shah

Commission, which unearthed a Rs.35,000-crore mining scam in Goa. "We are shutting our Wendell Rodricks Marriott retail store as we were not aware of the mining atrocities. For a better Goa, it is best we part ways," the designer said in a written statement. "The onus is now on the people to take stands like this. One cannot expect much from the government. The people have to determine what decisions the government takes," Fr Bismarck Dias, a prominent pro-environment campaigner, told IANS. Bismarck, a Roman Catholic priest, had triggered a sensation a few months back when he became one of the first Catholic priests to contest an assembly election strictly on issues related to corruption and the environment, and urging an end to reckless mining.

Wendell Rodrick's action comes a week after Justice Shah, who was commissioned to probe illegal mining in Goa, unearthed a major mining scam in which several leading mining companies were named.

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