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Wendell Rodricks on Kashmiri Shawls

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Indian Fashion Designers - Wendell Rodricks on Kashmiri Shawls
Wendell Rodricks on Kashmiri Shawls
09 th Jan 2013
Indian fashion designer Wendell Rodricks released a book exploring the shawl weaving techniques in the beautiful Kashmir valley called ‘Kashmir Shawls – The TAPI Collection’. The book includes a range of essays written on the nature and development of Kashmiri shawls between the 17th to early 20th century. It tells about the popularity of Kashmiri shawls as a coveted male winter fashion accessory, favoured by the 19th century Mughal emperors and aristocratic families of northern India, Bengal and the Deccan regions. Later, in the beginning of 20th century, these shawls were cut up to make smaller, fashionable shawls for ladies. Brain child of Indian textile collectors Shilpa and Praful Shah, the TAPI (acronym of Textiles & Art of the People of India) collection is a comprehensive collection of various historical Indian textiles, such as folk, regional embroidery, religious, Mughal and provincial royal courts textile products. Internationally recognised as the single-most prized textile from the Indian subcontinent, Kashmiri shawls gained the prestigious acceptance due to their exquisite delicate designs, accompanied with lightness, warmth and softness of the Pashmina wool.

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