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Wendell Rodricks on Goa's Legacy

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Wendell Rodricks on Goa's Legacy
Wendell Rodricks on Goa's Legacy
28 th Jan 2012
Indian designer Wendell Rodricks has just released a book called "Moda Goa". The books showcases and illustrates a fashion chronicle of the Indian state. In an interview, Wendell said that "Goa was the birthplace of Indo-Western garments,", and that in his book, he has looked back at the various factors that have shaped Goa's unique garment style. Goan fashion has been influenced by various cultures and is probably the birth-place of indo-western styles. The influences range from the Portuguese, Chinese, Mughals and not least by Persian embroidery and Buddhist drapes. "They all came together to create the traditional garments of Goa at different points of time. However, many of these garments were found too revealing at the time of the Goa Inquisition when almost all Goans were forced to become Catholics," Rodricks said, narrating the history of Goan fashion. Some of the older residents of Goa whom the designer-writer interviewed said "native visitors on their way to Panjim in their traditional carriages would stop by a small bridge - which was patrolled by Portuguese guards - and would change their clothes outside before they went to the capital city", Rodricks said.

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