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To the Third Row

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Indian Fashion Designer Wendell Rodricks
To the Third Row
04 th Aug 2012

Designer Wendell Rodricks has decided to shift the first row of his show at Lakme Fashion Week to the Third row! This is a move that has been welcome by other designers like Rina Dhaka and Ritu Beri, but has received mixed views from socialites and page 3 regulars. "I am so sick of front row fights that I have shifted the front row to the third row. I don't care who sits in the front row. People are too hungry to be seen. I want to trash the whole concept of front row," says Rodricks who has pushed back his celebrity guests such as Arshad Warsi, Maria Goretti and Simone Singh, calling them 'real celebrities'. Socialite Tanisha Mohan says, "Your importance is measured by where you're seated. If I am made to sit in the third row, my image will obviously be affected. Having celebs in the front row also gives visibility to the designer in the media. Media will laugh at us and the designer if we sit in the third row." Another page 3 regular, entrepreneur Shabnam Singhal says, "If you're important, you deserve to be in the front row." _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Shop latest Indian Designer Collections at Strand of Silk

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