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The International Film Festival should have a Red Carpet

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Wendell Rodricks Believes the International Film Festival Should Have a Red Carpet | Wendell Rodricks
The International Film Festival should have a Red Carpet
15 th Jan 2015


Popular Indian designer Wendell Rodricks has stated that he believes the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) must have a real red carpet event like that of the international festivals to endorse fashion. Wendell stated that the rich and traditional Indian fashion could be endorsed through the use of fashion festival, but only if the organisers focused strongly on the glamorous side of it

The talented designer also stated that Goa is extremely glamorous and would the perfect location for IFFI. 

Rodricks also specified that IFFI once used to invite a variety of popular international fashion designers to discuss their owns creations for a specific film project. The popular fashion designer himself believes fashion and film goes hand–in-hand and that fashion has very significant role in creating a film character.

Wendell Rodricks has personally designed outfits for actor Ashish Bisht in the forthcoming film 'Shab'. As well as being the designer, he shall also be appearing in the film.

Many international and national celebrities are now attending the 45th edition of IFFI.

Sources: Live Mint

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