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Vikram Phadnis Breaks Stereotypes in the Fashion Industry

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Vikram Phadnis - Vikram Phadnis Breaks Stereotypes in the Fashion Industry
Vikram Phadnis Breaks Stereotypes in the Fashion Industry
02 nd Oct 2013

The new collection by Vikram Phadnis, specialised in Indian bridal wear, is defined as “mysterious, magical and sensual” by the designer. He described his creation in this way “My collection focuses on the magic of the night. The entire collection is about what excites me. It is a simple diffusion line with no heavy bridals. There are a few Indian pieces and some fusion wear. The colours used are black, gold, beige, cream and dark maroon, with a hint of embellishment on every garment.”

Phadnis is thankful to the fashion industry and the Bollywood celebrities who wore his collections during this almost 20 years of his career. “Whatever I am today is because of the film industry. My brand would not have been what it is had these actors not promoted it. There are so many more talented designers who don’t get the platform to showcase their talent. In that sense, I was very lucky,” he says.

He is very appreciated by his clientele for always having broken stereotypes, “White is considered inauspicious for marriages, but I created white lenghas. Even in fashion weeks, the danger of being ripped apart by the media didn’t stop me from designing lenghas in black. Similarly, when palazzos weren’t in vogue, I was using them. And now that they are in fashion, I have washed my hands off them. So, I’m a moody person. I give my clients bling, followed by a season of subtlety and they like both. People will accept your work if they like your fashion aesthetics. But, you have to at least give it to them,” he said.

Due to his creative mind, he prefers not to target a single type of clientele: “I work on collections without thinking who they will cater to. Some of my best shows have been in Chandigarh, but I have never targeted any place—not even Mumbai or Delhi. My brand is affordable and spread throughout the country. But, if one starts thinking of targeting an area, it affects the collection.”

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