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Designer Urvashi Kaur's Wardrobe

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Fashion Designer Urvashi Kaur
Designer Urvashi Kaur's Wardrobe
25 th Jun 2012

Style statement: Bold yet feminine, avant-garde and edgy. I always try to wear bold colours — I revel in colours. There also has to be some quirky element, it could be an accessory, which I wear a lot. I also love hats and scarves that I wear differently.

Design Sensibilities: I look at fashion from the point of view of a buyer. I design what I can wear as I do not have a perfect body. My collections have cuts and biases so they have fewer size issues. My USP is separates, I put them together, but all pieces are individually sized and sold.

Shopping Weakness: Drawn to fashionable jewellery. I am also crazy about brooches, clutches, hats and scarves. They are defining elements; they all make an outfit.

Favourite Indian Designers: I love Anamika Khanna, Rajesh Pratap Singh and Gaurav Gupta. I also like Pero (Aneeth Arora) and Little Shilpa. I love Rohit Bal.

Favourite International Designers: Stella McCartney, Matthew Williamson, Issey Miyake and Chloe. I think Ralph Lauren has the most beautiful mix of country and contemporary.

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