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Ujjawal Dubey - Indian fashion's new torchbearer for effortless style

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Ujjawal Dubey Photograph | Indian fashion's new torchbearer for effortless style
Ujjawal Dubey - Indian fashion's new torchbearer for effortless style
01 st Dec 2015

He dresses celebrities like Varun Dhawan and Arjun Kapoor. He believes in the raw beauty of fabrics and considers design to be an enabler that assists fabrics in speaking their language. His trump card into India’s crowded fashion scene is that his clothing is stylish without seeming to put in too much effort.

Meet Ujjawal Dubey, the 28-year old NIFT graduate who is setting new benchmarks in the Indian fashion industry. For a generation that considers casual clothing cool, Dubey’s love for normcore comes as a blessing. His clothes reflect his attitude towards life itself - slow and anti-establishment.

After a six-month apprenticeship with Shantanu & Nikhil, Ujjawal Dubey debuted at the Lakme Fashion Week 2014 where he showcased men’s clothes that were functional and seamlessly integrated modern style and cultural heritage. Being a designer whose focus is more on the fabric and not embellishments, one saw a lot of natural fabrics and intricate details on the stage which even left ladies enamoured.

Dubey agrees that his label, Antar-Agni capitalises on the gender-neutral state of clothes today. We can easily imagine women being drawn to his clothes because they clearly stand out for their cuts and silhouettes. His collection last year showcased well-fitted trousers, oversized jackets, asymmetric kurtas and jodhpuri pants in muted colours that truly set him apart from the crowd. This year, he showcased both men’s and women’s wear where he played with pastels, greys and blues and interspersed them with metallics and stripes for an element of surprise. As with his previous show, he kept the outfits simple, letting the earthiness of the fabrics shine through. What we loved about his collection was the seamless way in which he teamed handwoven fabrics with new-age silhouettes to create outfits that exuded edginess.

Designers like Ujjawal Dubey are catering to the new age Indians who want to set their own trends rather than follow them. We are certain that his ability to create clothes that reflect the harmony of beautifully draped silhouettes and sharp cuts will take him a long way and establish him as a designer to be reckoned with!

Image credit: youthincmag

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