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Tarun Tahiliani's Modern Mughal Bridal Expo

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Tarun Tahiliani | Indian Designer Clothes | 6th Edition of Couture Expo
Tarun Tahiliani's Modern Mughal Bridal Expo
15 th Jul 2014

The 6th edition of Tarun Tahiliani's solo couture exposition will take place from July 11-12 at the Four Seasons Hotel of Mumbai.

The designer has spent the last year investigating what the Indian bride of today wants. The results is his new collection - named Modern Mughals in honour of the magnificence of the Mughal Era from which he drew inspiration.  

The originality of Tarun's new bridal line lies in the combination of the always appreciated traditional rich colours and embellishments with an easy-to-wear fit. The result is a new modern bride who doesn't want to give up to traditions, but, at the same time, is very aware of living in a fast-evolving present where the concept of glamour is more global.

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