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Tarun Tahiliani: when Fashion Modernity Meets Indian Traditions

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Tarun Tahiliani - Tarun Tahiliani: when Fashion Modernity Meets Indian Traditions
Tarun Tahiliani: when Fashion Modernity Meets Indian Traditions
25 th Jan 2015

Indian designer Tarun Tahiliani was recently in Hyderabad to showcase some pieces from his beautiful collection at his store. The pieces have been selected from both the prêt and couture collections and as all his creations they are characterised by the encounter between European and Indian cultures.

Recently the designer added to his range of products, some pieces made in Kanjeeravam, changing the way of draping and also creating some new patterns and opting for different colours. The reason behind this choice is Tarun’s intention to take the most famous thing from every culture he visits and apply it to some pieces of his collection.

Moreover, he has revolutionised his Spring/Summer 2015 collection, taking inspiration from the Singh Twins based in the UK. In the last years, these designers have managed to obtain a niche market segment using their miniature paintings in contemporary designs. Tarun was really impressed by their originality and admires these designers for their work and most of all for the identity they managed to create. Their zesty digital prints got everyone talking during the fashion week and Tahiliani got the license to choose some of their ideas and use them in a different format.

His final goal is to create something that is able to maintain an Indian identity, but at the same time is in line with contemporary fashion. That is, his creations are always entailed with something recalling Indian traditions, following and valuing women‘s body in a modern way.

He used different craftsmanship techniques, like shibori, dori and chikankari and his last Modern Mughal collection is a symbol of this idea, thanks to the fabrics used like tulles and reshmas.

The showcase was a joyful opportunity for him to come back to Hyderabad, a place where he grew up in with many happy moments of his childhood. Indeed, according to what he said, generally he spends 3 or 4 months visiting his aunt who lives there, and going around the city, to places such as Banjara Hills and Secunderabad Club. He declared his love for the Turkish-influenced architecture of the city and Nizams’ influence on their culture.

It seems that the deisgner's personality remained untouched by his celebrity status and the success that he achieved during these years: he affirmed that what concerns him is not if a celebrity wears his creations, but is more about having fun creating the piece. He remains the same person who likes to spend time in his studio with his designers and cannot wait to put his hands on a new project.


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