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Tarun Tahiliani Designs For Theatre

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Indian Fashion Designer Tarun Tahiliani Designs For Theatre
Tarun Tahiliani Designs For Theatre
12 th May 2014

Bollywood famous designer Tarun Tahiliani has decided to try something new by designing costumes for the drama, Three Women, which will premiere in Mumbai this weekend.

Designing clothes for theatre is very different from fashion. Fashion reflects the sensibility of the designer and mirrors a social movement, whereas a play or a film must showcase the period for the characters involved. Both are very different occupations,” stated Tarun.

“The saree drapes, the puff- sleeved blouses, the use of cotton and woven fabrics portray the dusky, sultry but independent-minded women of 19th century Bengal,” he added.

Tarun explains that it was quite a simple and fun project, but doesn’t have plans to continue designing for theatre in the near future.

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