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Tarun Tahiliani Comments on Bridal Wear

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Indian Designer Tarun Tahiliani Comments on Bridal Wear
Tarun Tahiliani Comments on Bridal Wear
15 th Jul 2013

In the world’s second-most populous country, most of the money, attention and design that goes into clothing are focused on a single event in a woman’s life: a huge, opulent wedding. Even the subcontinent’s most cutting-edge ready-to-wear designers fund those lesser activities with sales from their couture bridal collections. Indeed, bridal wear accounts for 80 per cent of India’s fashion industry.

As fashion designer Tarun Tahiliani says, "bridal is the one time that Indians dress up". “The pageantry of the past, the customs, the traditions, the song and dance – all go into making a wedding the most celebrated moment in an Indian’s life. It’s also recession-proof. Mothers start saving for a wedding almost when a child is born."

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