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Tarun Tahiliani Bridal Couture Expo sees ‘Modern Mughals’

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Tarun Tahiliani's Bridal Expo - showcasing Modern Mughals
Tarun Tahiliani Bridal Couture Expo sees ‘Modern Mughals’
16 th Jul 2014

Tarun Tahiliani's latest collection called Modern Mughals is presented at the 6th edition of the Tarun Tahiliani Bridal Couture Exposition at the Four Seasons Hotel in Mumbai. The expo has been presented this year in association with Azva, Forevermark, Swarovski and Diageo. 

The collection embraces the rich heritage of the Mughals, uses Indian crafts perfected over generations and tese are brought together on western fits to create styles that are light and easy to wear.

Tarun Tahiliani's mens styles in this collection feature a range of colours from orange to gold. The designer said, “We are happy to be back at the Tarun Tahiliani Bridal Couture Exposition, unleashing a new collection for all the Indian extravagance about to be unfurled in the coming year – hand draped, tucked, embroidered, woven and fitted like a second skin, these clothes set new standards for this studio. This exposition would not have been possible without the support of our sponsors and I would like to thank World Gold Council - Tarun Tahiliani for Azva, Forevermark, Swarovski and Diageo - Johnnie Walker Platinum Label 18 for ensuring that the experience embodies true luxury.”

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