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Tarun Tahiliani - Bridal Couture

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Tarun Tahiliani - Tarun Tahiliani - Bridal Couture
Tarun Tahiliani - Bridal Couture
11 th Dec 2010

There are two things that last longer than time. Love is one of them. A diamond is the other. To celebrate the alliance of wedding fervor and haute couture, Forevermark, the world’s leading diamond brand is delighted to collaborate with Tarun Tahiliani at the Bridal Couture Exposition.

For a bride, each piece of jewelery will hold a special place in her heart as it relates to the cherished memories from the journey of her wedding. Behind every Forevermark diamond is a precious story and this year, each delicate jewel has a story to tell creating a symbiotic relationship between diamonds and stories. While designs remain timeless and unique, Forevermark hand–picked pieces that would be in line with bridal trends this season.

A Forevermark diamond, like your love is incredibly special. Rarer than rare, less than one percent of the world’s diamonds are eligible to be a Forevermark diamond. Handpicked and set apart for their cut, clarity, colour and size every Forevermark diamond comes with a promise over and above the 4Cs – a promise not only of exceptional quality but also of integrity – each Forevermark diamond has been responsibly sourced and has directly benefited the communities from which it comes.

On display will be a selection of stunning pieces such as “Almas” by Mona Mehta, part of The Forevermark Precious Collection. Her design reflects traditional aesthetics and opulence, showcasing the Indian traditions to the world. In all, this piece contains 2,468 diamonds weighing 65.9 carats. Along with this extraordinary piece, Pluczenik, one of the world’s leading diamataires will be showcasing heirlooms specially created for the Indian bride.

These exquisite pieces will be shown for the very first time in India including "Power Precious" designed by Barney Cheng and " Majestic Beauty Fan" designed by Cindy Chao. As well as the dramatic pieces on display will be a selection of elegant and sophisticated jewellery crafted with Forevermark diamonds from Rosy Blue and designed by Orra ensuring there is something available for every bride.

As Tahiliani puts it, “Haute couture and precious jewellery have been closely associated for centuries. So it goes without saying that this is a perfect match.”

“Jewellery plays a significant role in every bride’s journey, especially diamonds for their timelessness and beauty. Forevermark is very excited to showcase the best of bridal jewellery in partnership with Tarun Tahiliani who is every bride’s dream couturier " says Binita Cooper, Managing Director of Forevermark.

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