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Tahiliani Returns to Royal Past

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Indian fashion designer Tarun Tahiliani speaks about draping
Tahiliani Returns to Royal Past
17 th Jul 2011
Call it poetry in motion or timeless royalty. Fact is, when the designer concerned is considered the king of drapes, the label simply speaks for itself. This year’s theme of Tarun Tahiliani Bridal Couture Exposition is ‘Artisanal: Bringing the Craft to the Fore’. According to Tarun, “The concept caters to the bridal fare but let’s keep in mind the versatility and diversity that comes attached with the word bride.” Talking of the inspiration behind the exposition, the designer recalls, “I was at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and I caught sight of the late Alexander McQueen’s exhibits. I must admit, my eyes gazed at the genius’ creations for a long time. It had all the ingredients that define haute couture in the true sense of the word.” Adding, “Sadly in the current desi scenario, the much-loved gown is going through extremely hard times with disastrous results on the red carpet. Instead of indulging in the business of churning out poor imitations, all we need to do is turn the pages of our royal history to discover the finest forms.” Coming back to his collection, Tarun says, “In India, bridal trousseau takes the shape of the couture line and provides enough room to explore. The Indian wedding is an elaborate affair with sarees, lehngas and evening gowns, all coming in the package.” As the title suggests, the key elements of Artisanal rest on the best of Indian weaves and the most intricate embroideries, resulting in a brilliant display of fine craftsmanship and tailoring. “To describe the collection in a few words, I would say, its essence is completely Indian yet it embraces the elements of western sensibilities with panache. They blend without encroaching into each other’s space,” he says.

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