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Statement: Tarun Tahiliani

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Indian Designer Statement About Growing Indian Fashion World
Statement: Tarun Tahiliani
08 th Aug 2012

Since the Indian clothing world is developing and expanding every day and upcoming indian designers are stepping into the industry, it is an increasingly heavy task to earn money and be profitable. Famous and successfull indian fashion designer Tarun Tahiliani states that many of the young talents are constrained to reduce quality to stay competitive and to be in their approved price range. "There is a lot more choice today, lot of people have sacrificed their quality just to bring their prices down. This happens everywhere in the world. Everyone has to decide who they want to be," Tahiliani explained to journalists besides presenting his fourth edition of the couture exposition in Mumbai. Extended over a week the exhibition displayed a variety of high-end indian bridal wear. Moreover the event presented the season`s current styles and vogues, excellent Indian designs and jewel colors in occasion and wedding outfits. In terms of womenswear the offer included jackets and lehengas in gold and red colours, traditional Indian saris, and anarkali suits in yellow. Regarding menswear, the indian designer displayed digitally printed stoles with sequins and maroon-coloured zardozi borders in velvet. For his inspirations, Tahiliani doesn´t have something specific, he gets inspired by a lot of different things. "I never have one inspiration. I work on developing it all year round. I derive inspiration from the people I meet and dress". Internationally known for teaming clothing traditions crafts from India with western, European styles, Tahiliani`s characteristic style is fusing sarees and lehengas with jackets. In case his creations impress the fans, they are normally also enthusiastic with Malaika Arora Khan, Shilpa Shetty and Neha Dhupia. Talking about east meets west, Tahiliani explains that usually designs clothing taking the best from everywhere. "I speak in English but think as an Indian. So it`s a mix. I think and dream in English but I am an Indian. We have a strong culture. Fashion has to move forward. We have the most beautiful textile, workmanship, embroidery, but cut and shape is a new thing for us. This is what we are working on. I get people from abroad to help me in this. Like the rest of the world takes our embroidery, I take their technology in my work," Tarun Tahiliani told the journalists. Shop Indian Clothing at Strand of Silk

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