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Indian Designer Tarun Tahiliani - Luxury Driven and Loving It
Luxury Driven & Loving It
25 th Oct 2013

'Bangalore is a small market for us, and that, I suppose, is why I don't visit the city that often', Tarun says, commenting on his rare visits to the city. 'You know, we are one of the few people who do ready-to-wear, and couture, and menswear, and so we never leave our base for too long. There's so much stuff to do, we are into accessories now, we just launched a gold jewellery collection yesterday, there's (interior designing) work on hotels... there's no time!' he exclaims.

About lifestyle, Tarun Tahiliani says: 'It is a great way. When I started my watches I did so because you had women wearing beautiful Indian clothes but they didn't have watches that matched'. For him, the right formula is to 'define a lifestyle and then design everything around it'. Talking about defining lifestyles, the Tarun Tahiliani lifestyle in his words is, 'a wonderful India-modern style where we are not stuck in the past. Instead, we take from our past and yet, we are conscious about what it is to be Indian; to take what this country has to offer and combine it with western sophistication, instead of doing it the other way round, which is to take a tacky dress and then add kitsch'.

About big business, Tarun is quite optimistic stating that things are set to change. 'We are on the cusp', he states revealing, 'Anita Dongre has recently gone in for public subscription. She started her business all on her own. I have private equities coming after me but I have said no right now. I like luxury, that's my taste. It might be simple, but because I like it, I am contented with being in the space'.

The next collection will be more for women: 'Many more collections, more ready-to-wear, better price points', he rattles out a list before pausing to elaborate more on his next big project, namely, designing clothes for fuller women. Without mincing words, he says, 'I hate the fact that Indian women who are voluptuous are made to feel inadequate about who they are. Why should they be made to feel any less? We are not a western society where people are tall and thin. Good design must address the needs of the people. I have found a large woman who is going to be my model, so right now, it's my challenge intellectually to make her look amazing. I am excited about my work'.

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