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Life & Style: Tarun Tahiliani

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Insight into Indian Fashion Designer Tarun Tahiliani
Life & Style: Tarun Tahiliani
18 th Jul 2011
Designs that have caught your eye recently: The Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Favourite fashion designer: Karl Lagerfeld The outfit you’re proudest of designing: Sari drapes that can be worn by anyone from anywhere and globally. Your muse: Several. Women of substance who are self assured and stylish. Favourite spirit: A good scotch, like Blue Label Favourite wine: Boroli Barolo Villero Favourite cuisine: Indian What food items do you like to shop for? Why? I usually don’t shop for food. Newspaper, TV channels and websites you prefer: I like the Herald Tribune, National Geographic, BBC and Discovery. Your sleeping ritual: I usually read a book before I go to sleep. Favourite TV show: Aircraft Investigations Books on your bedside: As a Man Thinketh by James Allen, The Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak and Solar by Ian McEwan Massage or workout to de-stress: Ideally both Your IT tools: My MacBook and Blackberry Where do you like to sit when being driven? I sit in front. On a plane do you prefer to network, sleep or catch up on films and reading: I like to read. Fancy coffee or masala tea: Coffee Can you cook? What? I don’t cook! Are you a beach or mountain person? Beach What’s your cologne: Eau Sauvage by Dior, and I am also experimenting with my own perfume. You get your suits from: Armani What’s your shaving mantra: Get shaved by someone! Who’s your favourite shoemaker? Prada and also John Brothers in Connaught Place Your bathing preferences? Shower, tub or bucket? Whatever is available. What’s your weekday breakfast like? And weekend? My breakfasts are usually on the run. Your current set of wheels? Honda In the car is it sleep or cell for you? Cell God for you is… In the details Favourite café: Don’t have one Favourite restaurant: Indigo in Mumbai and La Maison Blanche in Paris Workday lunch is: Home-cooked What’s your workout regime? Yoga and weight training Your ideal holiday: Is an adventure that is immediately followed by a complete zone out: like spending some time in Zululand followed by some time at the beach. At parties do you like to talk turkey or PC? It depends on who is in front of me. A few of your Goddesses are: Mehr Jessia, Lisa Haydon and Kate Winslet Alpha males you know: Arjun Rampal Your favourite motto: On a clear day, you can see forever…

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