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I Don't Really Design for Celebrities

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Indian Fashion Designer Tarun Tahiliani | Indian Bridal Clothes | I Don't Really Design for Celebrities
I Don't Really Design for Celebrities
26 th Aug 2014

The designer has been a fixture amongst leading international celebrities including Oprah Winfrey and Lady Gaga. But he says, “I don’t really design for celebrities, they just pick up my stuff and get it fitted themselves. I understand that it gets me recognition but it’s just not my game.”

The designer constantly tries to re-invent and introduce a fresh theme in his collections. He says, “Fashion is a serious thing, and it is my mission is to keep our heritage alive in a modern way......I don’t think it’s cool for Indians to wear western outfits on a daily basis and then suddenly become maharajas and maharanis on their wedding day. That’s where we as Indian designers have failed.”

“The women I admire for their style — Gayatri Devi, Laila Tyabji, Elizabeth Taylor, Rekha — they have a trademark, understated elegance. You can’t be Jodhaa Akbar one day, Bajirao Mastani the next day, Choker Bali the day after that!” A typical Tahiliani bride, then, must look like herself — “the best version of themselves. The only people who overdo it are nouveau (riche).”

Tarun Tahiliani, in an interview with Business Standard, admits that he started designing indian bridal wear due to a high demand. But at the same time, the designer has also designed interiors for hotels, restaurants, hospitals and private residence, amongst other unique things. The designer says, “It’s the way to put your stamp on a lifestyle — it interests me and it makes business sense.”

Pic: Business Standard

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