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Forevermark & Tarun Tahiliani

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Indian Clothing Designer Tarun Tahiliani and Forevermark
Forevermark & Tarun Tahiliani
06 th Aug 2012

The Diamond label Forevermark today showcased an selected variety of diamond jewellery created by Abaran in cooperation with Indian couture designer Tarun Tahiliani at the Abaran store to present the alliance between jewellery and high fashion. The extraordinary beau of Forevermark diamonds complemented Tahiliani’s exquisite indian clothing designs including bridal and non-bridal outfits. The event was attended by high profile patronage of Abaran who were on the inside to the very special edition. The clientele was shown a personal presentation by Tarun Tahiliani discussing trends in the diamond jewellery industry for brides, his own design inspirations and the art of opting for jewellery.Besides the jewellery worn by models, the label Forevermark also showcased remarkable jewellery designs with extra sparkle. Furthermore the guests were impressed by a quick make-over by Tarun Tahiliani. Tarun Tahiliani who was present at the event told the audience, “Timeless and classic, diamonds heighten the magic of the most special day in the life of every bride and are just apt to accentuate the bride’s ensemble. I am glad to be associated with a brand like Forevermark that stands for rarity, purity and honesty which synchronizes perfectly with my design inspirations.” CEO of Abaran, Pratap Kamath statet, “Forevermark diamonds are rare, beautiful and responsible sourced. It is a diamond brand that will offer today’s Indian diamond purchasers, quality, integrity and inspiration. We are proud to associate with them and launch a collection that is distinct and will enhance our customers experience by offering them the best in jewellery; and showcasing them on Tarun Tahiliani’s design just synergizes the perfect look”. The Managing Director of the Indian Forevermark, Sachin Jain said, “Forevermark diamonds are the world’s most carefully selected diamonds and are inscribed with a promise. With our valued association with Abaran, it gives us an opportunity to not only showcase an exclusive preview of the latest collection, but also gives our clientele an access to unique Forevermark jewellery in Indian designs and settings. Also, it gives us immense pleasure to have Tarun Tahiliani here, who is renowned for his expertise in bridal couture”. Shop Indian Jewellery at Strand of Silk

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