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Delhi's for Fashion - Tahiliani

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Indian Couture Designer Tarun Tahiliani
Delhi's for Fashion - Tahiliani
22 nd Apr 2011

A health scare last year and fashion designer Tarun Tahiliani had vowed to lead a more disciplined life. The designer said that though the amount of work he has taken on since then has ironically increased, he has cut down on his social life. However, a chat with Tahiliani revealed that he was feeling a bit 'under the weather' even as he was looking forward to an independent show held in the city recently , after which, he was ready to whiz off on a much deserved holiday.

Tahiliani showed the Spring Summer line at a fashion week in Delhi recently and made sure that it turned out to be anything but ‘just another fashion show’. There were 24 sufi kawals performing from Jaisalmer. "My line is a new aesthetic of Indian wear and highlights Malkha — a blend of malmal and khadi among other fabrics,” explained Tarun.

Quiz Tarun about what took him so long to put up a solo show in the city and he blames it on his hectic schedules. “I’m based out of Delhi so it’s difficult to keep showing in every city. But I keep coming back to Mumbai because of an emotional connect,” he smiles adding, “Even tonight is a small show by my standards — I can host only about 400 people.”

As a designer who has shown at both Delhi and Mumbai fashion weeks,Tahiliani doesn’t mince words saying, “Both are equally good platforms. But let’s face it — Delhi is synonymous with fashion just as Mumbai is for Bollywood. That’s a fact everyone has to accept and move on.”

Tell Tarun that a handful of designers who didn’t participate in the fashion week in Mumbai this season were of the opinion that hosting an independent show is more viable and the designer said that he couldn’t disagree more. “An independent show can never get you as many eyeballs or the mix of buyers that a fashion week arena offers. Every designer is entitled to his or her opinion but I strongly disagree,” he said in defense of fashion weeks.

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