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Clothes Have to be the Stars

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Tarun Tahiliani - Clothes Have to be the Stars
Clothes Have to be the Stars
09 th Aug 2014

For an Indian Designer's fashion show, audiences expect to see a Bollywood star at the end as a show-stopper. But in an unusual departure, even for his shows, Tarun Tahiliani had no Bollywood star on the ramp. The designer said, "I wanted people to focus on my clothes as clothes have to be the stars."

The show itself was grand and different. The start saw a model on an electronic projection of the Rashtrapati Bhawan. Thi set the stage for more drama, including digital recreations of patterns and motifs.

The collection was inspired by the Mughal era, including the motifs and the styling used. The range of clothes included Lehengas, Sarees and Anarkalis. Tarun Tahiliani also used Black on the ramp, an unusual colour (for a bridal show), and the designer said, "I love black. It's timeless and can be used in other wedding functions if not the main event".

Colour soon splashed ont he ramp in shades of pink, red, old, yellow and orange. Layered styles featuring mirror work and crystal encrustment and classic zari formed some of the central defining features of the surface embellishments.

The Men's styles were more bold and non-traditional, featuring bandi's with textures velvet flaps and metal chains with dhoti's. According to the designer, his collection is for the groom who "wants to be fit, dress-up and is as involved with his look in the wedding as a bride is.". Tarun also used Kamarbandh's on the sherwani's - a clear distinguishing feature of some of the styles.

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