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The Artisan and the Apsara

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Indian Fashion Designers - Tarun Tahiliani - Inspired by the Apsaras
The Artisan and the Apsara
04 th Jul 2011
Tarun Tahiliani’s new muse is the eternal enchantress, the Apsara. The master couturier, whose creations are well-known for their blend of timeless tradition and contemporary vision, will have a Swarovski Apsara at the venue of his upcoming Bridal Couture Exposition, which is starting in Delhi on July 9. This will later travel to Mumbai, Hyderabad and Kolkata. According to the designer, the Apsara is a symbol of the exposition. “It’s about giving a modern shine to a traditional form through the use of Swarovski elements. That is also the thrust of the exposition this year: a new way for our glorious artisanal traditions,” says Tahiliani. The Apsara will be draped in classical forms and laden with crystals and will be encrusted in a dazzling mix of Swarovski elements. The artistic six-foot sculpture, weighing 350 kilogram, will also complement the intricate stone and jaali designs of the couture collections. Swarovski, on their part, are delighted about being associated with Tahiliani on this exposition. Sanjay Sharma, director, Swarovski Element, India, says, “We are delighted that our long-standing association with Tarun Tahiliani has redefined luxurious weddings and has raised Indian bridal fashion to the level of artistry via this collaboration.” We just hope that no real life bride tries to imitate the crystal-encrusted look. Some things are better left to apsaras.

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