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Amazon India Fashion Week: A First Step Towards E-Commerce

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Amazon India Fashion Week: a First Approach to the E-Commerce Support| Amazon India Fashion Week
Amazon India Fashion Week: A First Step Towards E-Commerce
11 th Apr 2015

Amazon India Fashion Week is a big novelty in the Indian fashion world, mainly because it implies a large variety of changes that are taking place in the fashion world.

The event showcased two collections from each designer, with 25 designers where participating at the event. The designers participating in the event had the possibility to sell their products online, through the Amazon platform.

According to an interview released by Tarun Tahiliani, Amazon India Fashion Week will result in a growing interest among online shoppers in the different fashion events organised in India. Moreover, the possibility to buy online can succeed in the difficult task of promoting and reaching people in small towns.

Indeed there is still a big gap between the availability of designer creations in big cities in relation to small towns across India. Therefore selling products online will be a great opportunity to penetrate different markets and confront the demand of every customer interested in high fashion products.

From our point of view we have to agree with Tahiliani and hope that this event will constitute the first step to open the high fashion world to new customers across the country.

Source: BGR

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