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Special Valentine's Day Collections by Indian Designers

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Valentines Day Designer Clothing by Indian Fashion Designers
Special Valentine's Day Collections by Indian Designers
05 th Feb 2014

Valentine’s Day, the day for which girls raid shops and salons, is just over a week away and to make the most of this love-struck behaviour, some of Indian’s renowned designers and retailers have created Valentines themed fashion lines, as well as given advice on how to dress.

Young and famous designer, Surily Goel advises those who are celebrating to ‘dress to impress’. “The hallmark of my designs is simplicity and elegance. Dress romantic with flowy cuts, pretty colours for that perfect evening out with loved ones”, she says about her valentine’s collection.

Designer Shehla Khan has also unveiled her Valentine's Day collection and for the evening out, she suggests wearing a tea length or calf length sheath dress with sleeves and a low-cut back or deep neck to it make it interesting, yet keep it classy.

If you are interested in comfortable attire, then Denim Story, the online retailer for luxury denimwear has released a special collection with two of its popular and far from ordinary jeans.

These stylists have not only thought about what is on show, they have also considered the importance of lingerie on this romantic special day. Zivame, India’s famous online lingerie store has fashioned a range of attractive lingerie for the special day.

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