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Sumit Sawhney: When East Meets West

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Sumit Sawhney When East Meets West| Earrings from Zen Fusion collection
Sumit Sawhney: When East Meets West
02 nd Mar 2015

Last month the designer Sumit Sawhney launched his new collection called Zen Fusion. This jewellery designer is famous for the pieces he creates under his brand Apala by Sumit. The new collection is addressed to both Indian and Western customers because of the peculiarities of the style.

Indeed every piece is inspired by Buddhist motifs and scriptures developed in different forms.

The main characteristic of this line is the versatility of every creation. Thus, as the designer said himself, there are no restrictions in terms of outfit: they can be used in case of both an Asiatic outfit and a Western one.

Moreover whether you chose a skirt, a dress, a saree or an anarkali these pieces will be perfect for your style. Every creation can be used in combination with other items or by itself as a standalone piece.

The collection covers almost all the categories of jewellery: earrings, bangles, rings, pendants and necklaces. The prices are variable and are upto Rs.25,000. The predominant colours are summer oriented: for example white, red coral and turquoise, that are perfect to stand out from the crowd!

Bollywood celebrities seem to love this collection already and the famous actress Sonam Kapoor is a great example of this: she wore a fantastic pair of earrings in silver with 22 karat gold layering, where pink tourmaline and quartz stones were mixed with Goddess Tara in turquoise gemstones. Simply gorgeous!

Sonam Kapoor wearing a pair of earrings from Zen Fusion collection

Source: Fashion Style Buzz

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