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Bridal Asia Collection by Siddartha Tytler

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Designer Indian Clothing at Bridal Asia 2011 by Siddartha Tytler
Bridal Asia Collection by Siddartha Tytler
19 th Dec 2011

Strand of Silk has launched a new line of Ethnic and Traditional Indian Designer Clothing.

The collection is Siddartha Tytler's Bridal Asia 2011, and includes new products categories including: Salwar Kameez, Saree, Anarkali. Collections in these categories from other designers would also be available soon.

Strand of Silk is delighted to offer customers the opportunity of discovering some of the finest Indian embroidery work on Traditional Indian Fashion. Customers can order the perfect wedding dress for either themselves or family from our website. These are perfect for for any occasion including parties, weddings or just a smart evening.

The styling is elegant, unique and completely hand-made using some of the best fabrics available. The detailing is intricate and had beautiful patterns and embroidery. Customers also have the option to customise colours and sizes for this exquisite collection.

Strand of Silk looks forward to customers enjoying this new collection as much as the designer and Strand of Silk have loved bringing it to them.

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