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What is a Kurta Pajama?

Menswear- What is a Kurta Pajama?
What is a Kurta Pajama?
03 rd Dec 2016

A Kurta is a loose shirt that normally features long sleeves and a buttoned placket. The length is normally upto the knees of the wearer. The material and styling depend on the occasion (formal or casual) and can be either cotton, silk or brocade with embroidered detailing.

What is a Kurta Pajama?

A kurta pajama comprises of a top tunic called the kurta and bottoms called pajama (or pyjama). The word kurta can be used generically to refer to the garment for both men and women. The garment is said to have originated in the Indian subcontinent and usually has regional variations.

What is the difference between a Kurta and a Kurti?

A Kurti refers to a shorter length version of a kurta that usually finishes at the hips. Kurti is also be used to refer to tunics for women as opposed to Kurtas that refer to tunics for men.

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