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Siddartha Tytler’s Runway Show at Amazon India Fashion Week SS16

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Siddartha Tytler’s Runway Show at Amazon India Fashion Week SS16
14 th Oct 2015

Politician Jagdish Tytler was sitting in the front row, when his fashion designer son Siddartha Tytler showcased his men and women’s bridal collection at Amazon India Fashion Week SS16 in what many have called, ‘a redefinition of Indian Bridal wear itself.’  The 5-day show came to a close on Sunday and saw many upcoming designers and some more established designers showcase their latest collections.

“I have been showcasing western wear for many years now, so I wanted to do different.” Explained Tytler, to reporters.

The men’s collection consisted of wedding sherwani suits, a wide collection of fitted waistcoats and bridal kurtas. The women’s range was made up of royalty inspired jackets, kali lehengas, ankarlis, dazzling sarees and some rather graceful gowns.

The designer’s signature styles are all about showing off as they include a complex appliqué technique, powerful stripwork and even the use of sequins and crystals for the added wow factor. The colours of the designs stretched from red shades, to creamier shades, to grey.

“My bride is empowered and free-thinking. She has confidence in her ability to be glamorous and strong at the same time and this collection is meant for them,” said the designer.

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