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The Case of Kids' Fashion

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Models at Kids Fashion Week | The Case of Kids' Fashion
The Case of Kids' Fashion
11 th Dec 2015

Designers are getting more and more interested in designing collections for the potential kids fashion market. The kids segment is catching designers’ attention as they believe it has huge scope for profit.  With the increasing trend of designer wear and great spending power of parents, stylists are investing their time and creativity on kid’s collections. 

Karina Rajpal, joint managing director of Kidology said that the kid’s fashion market has a bright future in terms of growth and expansion. She said, “It is a 3,000 crore market and it is going to grow bigger because people now have higher disposable income which they can spend.” 

This sentiment was echoed by Sonali Manilal, marketing head of DLF Promenade who said that, “There are stores which are opening in India and we have UCB kids, Tommy kids, GAP and also the Indian designers who are designing dresses for kids. I think the trend of kids fashion is going to grow. There are several international brands which are going to come to India in a couple of years. So, I think the future is bright and prospective.”

While kids fashion looks set to have a bright future there are limitation in kids clothing which has meant that it isn't growing as quickly in India as it is internationally. One issue is that designers can't be as experimental with kids clothing because the smaller sizes means that there are certain details and prints that can't be incorporated. In addition, kids' clothes have a short shelf life which makes parents apprehensive about spending big bucks on them.

However, despite these limitations many designers are enthusiastic about designing for kids and see it as a great means of expansion. Designer Sheena Jain said, “People nowadays can easily shop online so it is obvious that the market is expanding even for kid's fashion,” Social media is making children increasingly aware of the latest trends and the increased exposure to young celebrities or children of celebrities makes them more aspirational in their clothing choices. 

Siddartha Tytler echoes this saying “By the time a kid is seven-years-old, he or she develops their own sense of style and opinion, and it is amazing to see this kind of a change in kids these days,” he said. He added that “It is fun to design for boys, they like it cool and funky.”  

On the other hand, Mehta relishes designing for girls, is a fun task. They are delicate and it feels good to see them in adorable designs. “We mostly design capes and jackets and there are so many cuts and designs that you can play with. Moreover, it is easy to dress up a child in layers. Plus, with a jacket or cape you can play with pictures of bugs, minion bananas and cartoon characters to give an innocent touch.” she added.  

With a host of renowned fashion designers coming up with designer wear for kids, we can expect the fashion market for kids to continue to bloom and become an increasingly interesting and creative market. 

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